Guruvayur Sri Sathguru, Guruvayur Krishna

Our revered Sri Sathguru was in Guruvayur for a month and more. In the surrounds of Her loved Guruvayur and the Krishna of Guruvayur, Her Holiness livened the calm and serene Guruvayur and the Sri Niketanam with Her Divine presence. Darshans were there too. After all how can we Her devotees do without one. But the darshans at Guruvayur were treasurable.

Amidst swaying coconut palms, sitting on Mother Earth, communing with Guru, God and nature, all happened at the same time. Constantly reminding one and all about the eternal power of Guruvayur Krishna, Sri Sathguru’s compassionate glances and graceful smiles were enough for this janma. Ask the devotees who were there, and certainly they will tell you. It is not merely punyam but kataksham. Guruvayur kataksham.

Enjoy viewing our Jagathguru on Sanyasa Ashrama Day (may 25th, 2009). With the wisdom of several yugas, Her Holiness stands by us, blessing us and reminding us that God is there in everything. In the leaves, palm, insects, earth and us. And the first step to know this is to do Saranagathi (self – surrender) to the lotus feet of our Guru, God and Krishna.