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We are all driven by our karma.

From one life to another we move across eons in a self-perpetuating cycle of rebirth and samsara. To help us break this cycle and move God-ward come some anointed messengers. Their souls dyed ochre, they come down to help humankind. They have nothing to gain from this worldly descent and existence. Their mission is the mission of God. To give souls and the world a new direction. Spreading the message of divine endearment and upliftment, for them the whole world is vasudaiva kutumbakam. Every living thing is one large family. From the blade of grass to humans their motive is one-to steer them God - ward.

Our Guru ‘s journey is the same. With truth, dharma, ahimsa and purity (saucam), as the four pillars of Her teachings and organization, the Sri Gnana Advaitha Peetam, She is bringing many a soul to the altar of God realization.

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