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A million suns
rise to greet Him
Every shaft of light
gets brighter with His touch
A small glance of His is enough
for souls to dance in liberation
Ask Him who Revered Sri Sathguru is
with a smile and arms up in veneration
He will say, 'Gnani' sent by the Lord

For mortals He is Vishnu Mohan
For the seekers of Narayana He is God's Son
He is in our midst
He will be with us
Like a lotus amongst weeds
Like the smell of sweet earth after a rain
He is there to remind us
Janmam is for the Guru
Gnanam is for the Guru
He is Sri Sri Sri Vishnu Mohan
Souls like Him
take aeons to come, aeons.....

      ©2009 Sri Gnana Advaitha Peetam. All Rights Reserved.