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Have you seen God? Do you know how He looks? What does He say to wandering souls? “Believe in Me, have faith in Me? Follow the path of surrender and I shall be there always”? His voice have mortals heard? Knowers of Brahman say that the music of the divine flute is enchanting. Once you hear it, you are not keen to allow your soul to be impacted by any other sound.

God? He defies description. And has this uncanny knack of surprising you with another nuance, which you have not experienced. God, after all knows us better. He can see it all. Omnipresent, omnipotent, He is the Mahakratu, the great will. But then some times dear lover of God, He also decides to descend. To show the path of dharma, to ensure truth alone triumphs. To reinforce the tenets of vasudaiva kutumbakam.

Seventy-nine years ago He manifested Himself. Like you and me, like a householder, like a mother of five children. That divine soul was Her Holiness Sri Sathguru Swami Gnanananda Sarasvathi. A sanyasin at heart, a Jagathguru by divine command. With a soul dyed ochre She came into this world for lokasangraham. Devotees and disciples, public and curious bystanders-all who have come in touch with Her know the magic of this Vidwat sanyasin. Self- effacing, practical in words, warm towards all things living, there are stories that tell us about Her ability to guide, heal, and Her one glance of karunya charging the air with divinity. Ask the one who has experienced and he or she will tell you that not only is Guru sakshath daivam, but this Guru,our Sri Sathguru is also a friend,walking hand in hand into this janma and the ones to come. While child devotees love the prasadam, adults love Her prasadam of divine wisdom.

Even before Her Holiness took vidwath sanyasa, as a householder too she was like honey to the bee. A sutradhar for many a life. Divine communion, sadhana of the highest order.With the power to spin this universe, Her joy lies in turning around souls God-ward. Through the joyous and deep-rooted message of sarangathi (total self surrender) and bhakthi.

Renunciation amidst grhastha,love amongst hate.Dharma in the opposition of adharma.Whatever be your walk of life ,one thing is for sure –souls like this come with a divine mission.To put our lives on the path of realisation.

Surrender to this Yuga Guru. You will not find a better pillar in this life and the ones to come...

“The whole idea of sadhana is to stop the wheel of Samsara. All the sanyasin’s action is directed to that end. “Even if he hits me, I will not hit back.” He only unwinds his karma and does not wind it up again. The Grhastha should do the same though it should not be taken literally If he lives at home in the spirit of a sanyasin, he is safe. Otherwise he will be carried away by the whirlpool of Maya.

Because one is a Grahastha does not mean that one should be sensual and worldly-minded. The Grahastha ashrama is not a licence for unbridled pleasure. It is merely a resting place on the way to higher things. Both Vidura and Ravana were Grahasthas. Which one do you want to be? Can you understand the difference?”

- Sri Sathguru, 22nd July 1991

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