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What is saranagathi and equally importantly why saranagathi? To the first here is the simple answer: Saranagathi is a simple yet powerful mantra for life. Believing, living and doing everything, as an instrument of the Lord Shriman Narayana, is saranagathi. When we put everything at His lotus feet and pray for grace, guidance and protection, it is saranagathi.

To the why the answer is :It is the simplest path to self-realization and God awakening. Our revered Sri Sathguru says,” You do your duty to perfection and then leave everything to Him. After that you should not worry. You should leave it to Him. And you find, He helps you and-He helps you so much that you yourself will be shocked. But unless you put yourself forward and appeal to Him, nothing can happen. You can’t expect God to be your servant.”

In a similar vein Her Holiness has always said,”with absolute surrender comes absolute realization.”

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