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Sri Vishnu Mohan's Jayanthi

The world knows him as the one and only Sri Vishnu Mohan. We call him the first sevarthi. One who placed his sarvam at the lotus feet of our revered Sri Sathguru. His life was a lesson in sincerity, faith and absolute surrender to the Guru.

Sri Peetam celebrated his Jayanthi on the 25th january 2009 in a sombre manner. This time around Sri Sathguru chose to have an understated function. With an eternal prayer on our lips and his life as lesson in gurubhakthi the day began in a solemn manner.

At a function organized on the terrace of Sri Peetam(our darshan hall) we had Dr Mani speak to us on the many things he learnt from Vishnu Mohan.

Mohil who has been a devotee of revered Sri Sathguru from Her purvashrama days recounted with emotion and feeling what Sri Vishnu Mohan meant to him. Both when he was in this world and now when he was not around. Mohil felt that Vishnu Mohan was always there for us. Guiding us and reminding us that in following in the footsteps of Sri Sathguru lay our future, karma and liberation.

Sri Sathguru blessed school children with sweets.

This was followed by a soul stirring and committed Hindustani recital by Anantha Vaidyanathan. With his genuine fondness for Vishnu Mohan and bhakthi for Sri Sathguru he sang several songs and finished with his favourite Jhule, Jhule...

The function ended with annadanam.

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