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Ananyaas Chintha Yentho Maam Ye Janaa paryupasathe
Theshaam Nithya abhiyukthaanaam Yogakshemam Vahaamyaham.

There is a lot of difference between the benefit that Sanyasa confers than just being an ordinary disciple. Being a disciple of a Brahma-gnani is bound to have its effect on the family also. If the whole family becomes disciples, there is definitely a greater amount of spiritual blessings and divine grace for every individual. But the benefit conferred by a member of the family taking Sanyasa is definitely very much higher, because you find the highest renunciation in such a person aiming for the highest goal for which he has dedicated all of himself. It is an all-sacrificing, all-demanding goal. Because he has paid the final price by his glorious renunciation, he gets the final blessings also. In that way there is more blessings on the family when a person takes sanyasa, than just being an ordinary disciple.

But the householder's life is an essential stage and should in no way be looked down upon, because it has less benefits than Sanyasa. Again, it depends on the type of disciple the householder becomes. There can be very lukewarm type of devotees who just take their guru's blessings only on the material level and progress on that level to get some mundane or earthly benefits; so it is not the guru's fault that the quality of the blessings is less. It is just that the sishya absorbs less of it when he uses the blessings on only the material or gross plane and not on the spiritual. "When a Brahma-gnani takes on a really serious devotee what happens is, he is looked after at all levels right from the spiritual plane down to the material plane. He not only looks after the spiritual life of the devotee, but he also takes on the responsibility of his material well-being.

That is why once you have surrendered completely to a Guru, it is wrong to particularly ask for anything. When he takes you over he takes over the whole of you. Your Guru knows everything. He will guide you and take you along the path, conferring on you whatever maximum blessings that you are able to assimilate. The trouble, is if he gives you all of his blessings, you will not be able to assimilate it because your consciousness is now only on the material and physical plane, or may be on the mental or intellectual plane. If you are on the level of the spirit then alone will you be able to absorb and utilise the maximum blessings. The devotee who approaches and surrenders to a guru on the spiritual plane will find that all his needs are also met on the intellectual, mental, material and even on the gross physical plane"

(An excerpt from a recording of our Revered Sathguru's discourse during''Discussion 'Day' at the Sri Peetam)

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