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Sri Gurubhyo Namaha

When you go closer to Guru you will be able to understand Guru’s words clearer. You will be able to know the complete picture and reason behind each and every word of your Guru. When we reach such stage it is an indication that we have full trust on our Guru and we have surrendered fully. Even if we have slightest doubt this will not happen. But until such time we should blindly follow what Guru says without reasoning or questioning it. What do our finite mind know about Guru’s words and its inner meaning. Until we reach a stage where we can understand and appreciate it we should blindly follow his instructions. When the real time comes you will know, whatever Guru said is only for our good although we are not able to understand it earlier. These experiences should increase our bhakthi and surrender to Guru as time and again Guru has been proving us that He is there for us doing good and making us succeed.

In the initial stages that realization is very important although we don’t have the bigger picture. We can take time in choosing a Real Guru- Atmah Guru, one who guides and takes our soul to the feet of Lord. It is very hard to get a qualified Guru, a Guru who has Anubhava Gnana-who has got experiences and speaks from his own experiences and not from the books. A Guru who leads by example. Once we get such a Guru we should place everything at his feet and should not bother about anything. He(Guru) take the driver seat and watch how he takes our life. View our own life as a third person in a detached manner and we will see how nicely he take us through this vicious samsara. So one can take time in choosing a Guru but once we have by God’s grace got such a Guru then follow him blindly. We should have unquestioning obedience.

This will also facilitate Guru in moulding and purifying us. We should be flexible for all the twists and turns he takes through. We should know all the beatings and pain we suffer is allowed by him only to purify our soul and make it worthy to be offered at Lord’s feet. Nothing can happen without He allowing it. Gold is put on fire for purifying it similarly our soul is put on to hard tests which allowed by God only to purify ourselves. In this process we tend to acquire and gain lots of good qualities like humility, calmness, serenity and finally the Divine knowledge. That knowledge which is permanent, fixed, strong and placed at the feet of the Lord. Remember nothing in this world is permanent. All the relations, friends, colleagues everything is temporary. Nobody can give us ultimate peace and freedom except God. In this world what is permanent is the God and our connection with Atmah Guru. Only these two are permanent and comes along with us ever. All relationship-Spouse, parents, children all are temporary which we get as an instrument to burn out our karma. We have to perform karma in a dharmic way until such time we get the final call.

Once the call comes we must be ready to throw away everything and leave without any selfish attachment. We should train our minds in such a way. Until the final call comes we should do our duty without getting tainted by it in a detached manner and also burn out our past karma. This body, This birth we should use it as an engine to workout our karma. And by the God’s grace and Guru’s guidance when the tally strikes null we will be automatically be relived of this cycle of birth and death and reach the feet of Lord-our final resting place. Until such time due to our Agnana-ignorance we will be revolving in the cycle of birth and death accumulating all papa and punya karma.

God will allow to work out the karma ourselves. He will not fight for us but He will surely give the strength to fight it and succeed. He will be surely by our side but we should want him and sincerely pray for it. We should with single minded devotion want Him and Him alone and nobody else. Then surely He will help us. Remember what happened to Pandavas. They wanted only Krishna and nobody else –that too a Krishna who will not fight. But the mere presence –the divine presence is enough for Arjuna which gave him the strength to fight against Adharma. We should fight for the cause, fight against Adharma, should not fight against any specific people. We should not develop any selfish attachment, love or hatred against anyone. If we do so all our action will be tainted by good or bad karma. We should not allow it to happen.

For example, If we fight against any individual then we first hate him and we get angry. This results not only in us getting papa karma but also in the course our health and mind gets affected. Similarly if we love someone, develop selfish attachment towards anyone then we get desire, we get hurt when they turn down our feeling and again I this course our health and mind gets affected. But if we do our duty for any specific cause not bothering about who is involved in it then our actions are not tainted and we also succeed in it with God being on our side. So it doesn’t matter who does it. What matters is what has to be done to establish Dharma. Pandavas fought for Dharma, fought against Adharma and fought against Kauravas without any personal vengeance or hatred. That’s why Krishna was on their side.

We should do our duty perfectly and correctly in a dharmic way as a service to God. It should be perfect in the eyes of God. Finally he should be pleased and satisfied. It doesn’t matter people around us are satisfied or not. If it satisfies God it is an indication that we have done our part perfectly and correctly. We should always strive for that only. Don’t go behind worldly people pleasing them and dancing to their tunes. If we do so we are not progressing anywhere and on the other hand falling deeply into the hands of Maya. We should do a Dharmic duty getting rid of that ego. If we do some good and if we think that we did it then that ego reduces the intensity of the good we have done. We should do good with humility thinking that God has given us the opportunity to do this good act. But for His grace we would not have done this. That humility should come each and every act of ours. Then that is the beginning of our evolution.

We should do our duty with humility maintaining low profile as we are doing that as a service to God. We should not make show or create any scene indicating that we did it and it came out so well because we did it. Understand the baseline unless God allows us to do it we cannot do anything. He is the actor behind all actions, mobility behind all movables, without He acting the entire universe will come to a stand still. That being the case who are we the instruments of that great actor to boast that we have done anything great. We should be thankful to Him for being His instrument. After performing all the actions He remains unfettered and untouched. He is the doer and the reason behind all actions. Yet He remains as though he has done nothing. Learn humility from Him. If we practice it we will get an unique power. The divine power on which God manifests himself. If we go against this and run egoistically then we will become an asuric power. Once we become asuric power God will not be there. He will come only to trash us, destroy us like he came to kill Ravana, Hiranyakashipu, Dhuryodhana, Mahabali, Kamsa. Remember all these people thought that they are super power, noone is greater than them. They ran egoistically and became an asuric force. Then God has to come and intervene to teach a lesson. A lesson that He is there to protect Dharma and destroy Adharma- “Parithranaya sadhunam Vinasayacha dhuskrutham”.

Each and every Avarthara of God has dual purpose. Protection of Good and destruction of evil. With this twin purpose he manifests himself. He took various avataras to protect vedas, devas, divine knowledge of creation, Prahalada, three world, women folk, all dharmic people at the same time he took the same the same avataras for destroying Hiranyaksha, Hiranyakashipu, Maha bali, Ravana, kamsa and various asuric forces.In Dasha avatharam of the lord as the Avataras progresses from Matsya to Kali the intensity of it increases and the complexity of it multiplies.In earlier avatara like Matsya Lord manifested Himself to kill, destroy one or few demon or asura. But as it progressed towards Rama avatara number of evil forces destroyed by the Lord were more.And in Krishna Avatara it was still more and Lord has to take a Purna Avatra to counter it. Currently in Kali yuga the evil forces are at its peak. Within each and every person there is a battle going on between good and evil. Within each and everyone Kurukshetra war is going on continuously. We have to pray to God to win over evil within us so that we become qualified for his grace and blessings. We should pray to God with full fervor and devotion. Bhakthi is the basis in this Kaliyuga.

With Pranams
Placed at the lotus feet of Shri Sathguru.

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