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The Divine Authority

What makes the discourses of Shri Sathguru different? In fact the word ‘discourses’ is too weak a description; so is the word ‘upanyasam’, or speech etc. How would one describe the Bhagavad Gita? The English language contains no word powerful enough. We have to fall back upon Sanskrit. Thousands of years and many, many yugas ago, the ancient sages, after centuries of thapas, were said to have heard the word of God. This came down to us first by word of mouth, then through palm leaf manuscripts, and now in the printed book and audio cassettes. These are the eternal Vedas. They are different from other religious texts as they have come directly from the Supreme Adi Purusha. As they were revealed to the rishis during their meditations, they were called Shruthis or “that which was heard.” The best possible word that can describe Shri Sathguru’s discourses is ‘Shruthis’, as no other word will do full justice. And why so? The first thing that strikes you is the Divine, Supreme Authority of the All-knowing, All-pervading Shriman Narayana shining through the form of our Revered Shri Sathguru. Every word has the stamp of that Divine Authority, the originator of the Vedas. This authority was manifest in Shri Sathguru at a very early age, may be even from avathara unnoticed by those close by. As the years rolled by this Divine Authority became more evident. More and more people came to Shri Sathguru for rulings and advice, and interpretations of various spiritual laws. As one devotee put it simply, “We are asking Shri Sathguru only because Shri Sathguru will say correctly” (sic). The devotees have this confidence that whatever Shri Sathguru says is the ultimate ruling, the shruthi, for, who can be a better bhashyakara than the law-maker Himself! How much you gain from listening to Shri Sathguru’s discourses depends on how much faith and trust you have and how receptive your mind is. But even the shallow, materialistic minded come away with a vivid impression of the power of Shri Sathguru’s Divine Personality.

The seed of change has been sowed in them and will sprout and grow at the right time. To emphasize and underline a specific point Shri Sathguru uses quotations and anecdotes. Laced with humour, these anecdotes, drawn from Shri Sathguru’s own life and experiences, or from the puranas, or from history, or even from current affairs, leap to life as Shri Sathguru relates them. There is pin-drop silence in the Darshan hall. All the devotees, both young and old, sit enthralled with a dreamy look in their eyes as in their minds they relive the story, then Shri Sathguru draws the moral from the story and creates a vivid impression in the minds of even those who are inclined to be skeptical. “Those who came to scoff remained to pray” has happened many a time as many a hard headed, materialistic person, after hearing Shri Sathguru’s discourse, has resolved to lead a better life. Shri Sathguru rarely announces a subject for the discourses. As Shri Sathguru says, ”I look at the faces of the devotees and I then know their doubts and what advice and guidance they need and I speak accordingly”. This again has struck many a devotee who says, “Shri Sathguru’s speech was essentially for me- all the doubts I had was cleared and confusion has left me.” The true Jagathguru is one who can authoritatively explain, expound and guide from the rarefied heights of pure philosophy to the smoggy, mundane levels, stretching to the high and the low as necessary, clearing the doubts of those who have renounced the world as the simple doubts of school children. Such a Jagathguru comes once in a yuga maybe and can only be the Adhi Purusha, Shriman Narayana in human form. Bhagawan Shri Krishna was one. And as a devotee put it, “All other disciples are required to think of their Guru as God, but who except us can really declare that we have God as our Guru!” Who indeed! Despite the printed word being a pale reflection of the power of Shri Sathguru’s discourses, we hope to share with the non- Madras devotees extracts from the question and answer sessions. Part one begins from this issue with the gracious permission of Shri Sathguru.

Placed at the Divine Lotus Feet of our Revered Shri Sathguru without whose Divine Grace and Blessing this would have been impossible.

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