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Random thoughts on Ma

This same question was asked about Her Holiness Sri Sathguru Swami Gnanananda Sarasvathi. My answer would be “Yes”. She does miracles of that quality which is and was the rarest in the market: She can turn an atheist on to the right Path and lead him to God. But this kind of miracles is unwanted in this age of “Monumental Selfishness” as Ma once put it.

“I don’t have any powers,” said Ma once to a devotee, I am only a servant of God sent here to do his work, a messenger to spread His Divine Message. Everything depends upon your own faith and surrender. Faith is said to move mountains but it must be firm, unshakable and unchanging and unquestioned. If you have such faith then the most impossible miracle can take place.” it has taken place, is taking place and will take place as this small, unassuming yet irresistibly powerful modern saint goes about the fantastic and seemingly impossible Divine Mission entrusted to Her by the “power that spins the universe”.

To mention but a few of these instances will take up volumes. I have had so many experiences in the short time I have been in this world, that it is well-nigh impossible to relate a couple. One ponders—shall I relate this one or is that better? One is at a loss where to begin. One thing I can safely say. The happiest moment of my life would have been when, after I had taken the jump from the other world to this world, I opened my eyes and looked straight into the face of a Gnani. Is there anything better that one could wish for? She is the best navigator in the universe to take us to our destination across this ocean of Samsara. And as she drove, she taught us to drive and finally when she left our little six seater to captain and navigate an infinitely great ocean liner, we were extremely sorry (?) but understood that for the sake of the world and the unprecedented great Divine Mission we had to make a heart breaking sacrifice, yet a relatively small one, one-millionth of what Ma made during Her Life. Though She went through hell on earth. She remained untouched. “It’s easy enough to be pleasant when life flows along like a song, but a man worthwhile is a man who can smile when everything goes dead wrong”. The Messiah with Her Ark, Sri Gnana Advaitha Peetam, has come, and like the postage stamp’s usefulness depending upon its ability to stick, our salvation depends upon our ability to stick like a limpet to it.

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